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OWC Memory Upgrade Kit till Mac Pro

1 745 kr
16 GB (2 x 8.0GB 1866MHz) - 1396 kr exkl. moms
32 GB (2 x 16.0GB 1866MHz) - 2080 kr exkl. moms
64 GB (4 x 16.0GB 1866MHz) - 3780 kr exkl. moms
128 GB (4 x 32.0GB 1333MHz) - 8596 kr exkl. moms


RAM minnen som passar till Mac Pro 6,1 (Late 2013) 

Mac Pro
(December, 2013)
Model ID: MacPro6,1
2.7GHz 3.0GHz, 3.5GHz, 3.7GHz

Apple Mac Pro 2013 models utilizes ECC non-Registered for 4GB and 8GB per slot options and ECC Registered for 16GB (and larger) per slot options. Any existing 4GB and 8GB ECC non-Registered modules cannot be mixed with 16GB and larger ECC-Registered modules and will need to be removed in order to utilize these higher density memory upgrade options.

Special 32GB module use information: Due to processor design and memory architectures, 32GB module utilization occurs at a bus speed of 1066MHz with Apple Mac Pro 2013 E5-16XXv2 4-Core, 6-Core, and 8-Core processor equipped models, 800MHz with factory 12-Core or after-market E5-26XX equipped models. Utilization of 2 or more 32GB modules minimum is recommended and utilization of overall performance with applications and workflows able to utilize higher available memory remains exceptional.

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